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Spring Break HAUL

29 Mar

Hey loves! I went shopping over break with some birthday money and picked up a few things for spring/summer. You can check it all out here! 🙂


5 Nail Colors for Spring!

24 Mar

How much do you LOVE spring? I’m not sure if it’s the warm weather, blooming flowers, growing grass, vibrant colors or the fact that it means that Summer is right around the corner, but I just love me some spring-time! 🙂

Above are my top 5 nail polishes for this spring. I love the color variations and think it’s ten times more fun to wear bright, stand-out colors rather than just pinks and reds all the time.

Colors from left to right:
Sage – Forever 21 – a great light green that isn’t too bold, but is just enough color!
Dusty Blue – Forever 21 – A great color to transition from winter into summer!
Lucky Luck Lavender – OPI (Ulta) – Super pretty. Has a slight pink hint to it.
Light Pink – Forever 21 – I swear it’s not orange! Its soft, feminine and has a pearly sheen!
Pale Banana – Forever 21 – My favorite! It’s not overly bright, but does the trick if you want a great yellow.