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Better Mind, Better Body; The Power of Meditation

4 Apr

I discovered the relieving joy of meditation about 6 months ago and have seen significant differences in not only my state-of-mind, but my health as well. While I have always strongly believed in the power of the mind, I can truly say that after my experience with meditation, nothing is more powerful than reflection, deep thought, and personal silence. During my 6 month period of steady mediation, I have not only seen a drastic increase in my personality, but I have gotten better sleep, am significantly less stressed and more mindful of the decisions I make. I find that I worry less, procrastinate less, and think more positively about life, myself and others.

WHY MEDITATE: For those of you who haven’t tried the practice of meditation (which is probably most of you,) it’s definitely something that I recommend. Meditation can help with:

  • Sleep
  • Decision making
  • Reflection on daily issues
  • Health issues such as: diabetes management, depression, anxiety, headaches, backaches and migraines.)
  • Relaxation
  • Stress
  • Improved concentration
  • And tons more!!

HOW TO MEDITATE: While meditation may seem boring at first, just like many things, it does take some practice! I recommend starting out doing just 10-15 minutes a day. You’ll find that as time goes by, your meditation sessions will get longer and longer with ease. Do a length of time that is comfortable for you.

As far as ACTUALLY doing the meditation, there are several approaches. No, you don’t need fancy pillows, candles and incense to meditate, but if that’s what sets you at peace and makes you feel comfortable, then go for it! All that’s required is a peaceful setting and your mind and body. Here are my two favorite approaches for meditation (keep in mind that there are many more and everyone has their own style!):

  1. This method is for when you’re trying to change something about your life or own self. Maybe you want to loose weight, be a nicer person, relax, eat better, get better sleep, or anything similar to these issues. Sit with your legs crossed or lay down on a bed or floor (make sure you don’t fall asleep though) and think of a short phrase or word that you will repeat to yourself over and over. Close your eyes, inhale, and as you exhale, slowly say your word or phrase, drawing it out all the way until the end of your breath. Inhale, and repeat again and again…
  2. This method is for when you are trying to make a decision about something in your life or have a problem to deal with. Sit with your legs crossed or lay down on a bed or floor and think about the problem/decision you are facing. Here is the tricky part: you have to separate your thoughts from yourself. Image your thoughts floating across your mind as you are watching, reading and examining them. Rather than REALLY thinking about them and allowing your mind to jump all over the place, you have to learn to “view” your thoughts rather than think about them. Don’t let any other thoughts intervene. It’s hard to explain and hard to do, but with practice, it is easily achievable.

The more consistent you are with meditation, the better it will work. By taking even 15-20 minutes out of your day to solely focus on you and your mind, can truly make a huge impact on your personal well-being. Try it. I bet you’ll be surprised.


Decorating on a Budget!

30 Mar

So when I first moved into my apartment, I really wanted to decorate my bedroom perfectly for my personality! However, my funds were limited so I had to find ways to spruce up the dull, white room, while staying within my budget! So here are some simple, cheap ideas that I used to turn my bedroom from blah to beautiful!!

1. A canvas headboard. Well, actually it was INTENDED to be a headboard for my bed, but I ended up placing it a little higher so now it’s more just wall decor! This is was my Mom’s idea and its so incredibly versatile and great for if you like to change up your room often!

How to: Buy square, wooden canvas frames (can be purchased at Michael’s, Ikea, or anywhere like that) and then gett fabric to cover each square. Cut them to so they will stretch over the canvas and then stapled to fabric to the back. Ta-daa! Easy as pie!

2. Curtain doors. Basically, the only reason I did this was because every time I would slide open the original wooden doors, they would fall down!! HAZARD! Instead, I took those death doors down and hung up some heavy curtains in their place! I LOVE ’em!

How to: Simply buy some nice curtains to go with the rest of your decor, get a curtain rod and either some curtain tie-backs or hooks. There you have it!

3. Pretty fake flowers. These are actually from the dollar store! Again, they are easy to change out if I decide to ever change up my color scheme and they add a sense of elegance to the rest of my room!

How to: Buy a vase, some flowers and if you want, some rocks (like above!) Again, this whole thing is from the dollar store and cost me $5!!

4. A necklace rack! I love this thing a lot! It makes my room look significantly more fashionable, I guess you could say! Its absolutely perfect if you have long necklaces that you want to display!

How to: Buy any type of hook device. It can be single hooks or a rack like the one pictured. This one is from Ikea and was $3 I believe.

Spring Break HAUL

29 Mar

Hey loves! I went shopping over break with some birthday money and picked up a few things for spring/summer. You can check it all out here! 🙂

Spring Is Upon Us!

20 Mar

Here’s a look at some of the spring outfits I put together!!

(Click on the picture to see it bigger!)

Above: These outfits all use this floral skirt that I recently bought from Forever 21. I used the white blouse to create a girly and classy style, the jacket for a more casual style, and the plain tank and gold jewelry for a simple, cool summer look!

Above: These first 2 looks are based around this floral tank that I purchased from Walmart. The first look used the studded belt, mini skirt (from Forever 21) and black boots (Wet Seal) to create an edgier style. The second look is perfect for a cool spring day and keeps it very casual. The third look is again is more edgy, with almost a touch of hipster. Both the striped tank and green shorts are from Target.

Above: The first two looks are based around these white Converse jeans from Target. The first look uses the jean jacket, simple tee, and striped scarf to create a nautical look. The second is more of a hipster meets hippe look, and the third outfit is just fun and girly!


Let me know if you want to see more posts like this! I love to plan ahead for the seasons so I can refer back to these if I am having trouble planning an outfit! Try it out for yourself!! 🙂