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Decorating on a Budget!

30 Mar

So when I first moved into my apartment, I really wanted to decorate my bedroom perfectly for my personality! However, my funds were limited so I had to find ways to spruce up the dull, white room, while staying within my budget! So here are some simple, cheap ideas that I used to turn my bedroom from blah to beautiful!!

1. A canvas headboard. Well, actually it was INTENDED to be a headboard for my bed, but I ended up placing it a little higher so now it’s more just wall decor! This is was my Mom’s idea and its so incredibly versatile and great for if you like to change up your room often!

How to: Buy square, wooden canvas frames (can be purchased at Michael’s, Ikea, or anywhere like that) and then gett fabric to cover each square. Cut them to so they will stretch over the canvas and then stapled to fabric to the back. Ta-daa! Easy as pie!

2. Curtain doors. Basically, the only reason I did this was because every time I would slide open the original wooden doors, they would fall down!! HAZARD! Instead, I took those death doors down and hung up some heavy curtains in their place! I LOVE ’em!

How to: Simply buy some nice curtains to go with the rest of your decor, get a curtain rod and either some curtain tie-backs or hooks. There you have it!

3. Pretty fake flowers. These are actually from the dollar store! Again, they are easy to change out if I decide to ever change up my color scheme and they add a sense of elegance to the rest of my room!

How to: Buy a vase, some flowers and if you want, some rocks (like above!) Again, this whole thing is from the dollar store and cost me $5!!

4. A necklace rack! I love this thing a lot! It makes my room look significantly more fashionable, I guess you could say! Its absolutely perfect if you have long necklaces that you want to display!

How to: Buy any type of hook device. It can be single hooks or a rack like the one pictured. This one is from Ikea and was $3 I believe.